Pbsa Customer Agreement

2.6 The building rule that the agreement will be interpreted in the event of ambiguity with respect to the party responsible for the development or preparation of the agreement is not applicable. Based on the audits and the results of the first review of the legal, regulatory and institutional framework (subject to a separate advisory contract), the consultant will develop an initial PBSA project (the “Initial Draft PBSA”) that will ensure that the first project will, where possible, contain the terms of these agreements and PBSA`s compliance with international best practices and standards. , including 24.1 This agreement constitutes the entire agreement between you and PBSA with respect to the purpose of this Agreement, and no concerted complement, amendment, modification or cancellation of this agreement is effective or effective, unless it is recorded in a written document and signed by or on behalf of the duly accredited representatives of the parties. pbsa Terms of use and service between pbsa (Pty) Limited and YOU, the visitor or user of the website and pbsa service (include pbsa. 6.6 If you receive the OTP by SMS, you will be asked to insert the OTP in the second step of the registration process (doubleopt-in). If the OTP you inserted matches the OTP sent to your mobile phone number, PBSA will email your login information to pbVerify. 20.2.1 Inform PBSA that you no longer want to receive notifications; 4.2 This Agreement is in accordance with the laws that give you rights and will be used to inform you of your obligations when visiting websites or using the pbVerify service. This agreement deducts the legal value and effect of the Electronic Communications and Transactions Act 25 of 2002. 2.2.6 “Lots” information is information provided in mass format; 12.3 PBSA corporate names and trademarks listed on PbVerify`s websites are registered or not PBSA`s intellectual property.

Unauthorized use of these assets is strictly prohibited. Based on the completed actions, audits and conclusions of the PBSA (design) and the approval phase: 6.2.1 First and last names as recorded in your South African identity book; 10.3 The pbVerify service uses mobile phones and mobile security, among others, for SMS communication, the world`s most popular standard for mobile phones and mobile security. 2.2.24 “parts,” i.e. PBSA SA (Pty) Limited and you and “party” either means one of these parts, depending on the context; 2.2.5 “API” refers to the application programming interface that allows software components to communicate with each other. 6.3 Before confirming registration and access to pbVerify services, PBSA conducts an online identity check for you by executing your identity number via the pbVerify Service identification system corresponding to your name and information provided at the South African Ministry of the Interior database entry.