Mmsp Agreement

12.4 These conditions define the entire agreement between the parties and suspend all correspondence or prior assurances regarding the Services. 11.1 We process all personal data as part of this agreement in accordance with our privacy policy, available on the PassiveLiving portal. The MMSP consists of highly specialized heat meters, current meters and temperature sensors installed on the heating system. It records the data at least every two minutes, and your installer will be able to see the data. If your application and MMSP agreement meet the requirements, we will pay you the corresponding mmsp amount with your quarterly payments to cover part of the costs of installing MMSP. 11.2 In accordance with this agreement, we are the processor and you are responsible. You can request MMSP payments at any time for the duration of your HRD accreditation. This means that you can also apply at the same time as the indoor RHI, but your MMSP can only be registered if your heating system is accredited. If your Membership in Domestic RHI is terminated, your MMSP registration will also end. 2.6 If you or your customer opt for an Advanced Smart Control Only contract, the fee must be paid in the event of an annual increase of no more than the retail price index. The contract will be subject to a continuous contract of at least one year, which can be terminated by both parties, either with one month before the expiry of the initial one-year period, or with a one-month delay before each anniversary date. 3.4 The customer`s display indicates the information referred to in paragraph 3.3.

that: Version: PAS-MMSP-018_MMSP Terms and Conditions V1.1, April 25, 2019 1.2 We make reasonable efforts to collect data on devices on a daily basis and ensure continuous remote access to broadband systems, but due to the type of intermittent communication infrastructure, daily data collection/remote access cannot be guaranteed at all times. The government has introduced changes to national RHI regulations. The changes were introduced in two stages. The first phase of the internal system changes came into force on 20 September 2017. The second stage came into effect on May 22, 2018. Applicants and participants in the National Renewable Heat Program can apply for the registration of the Monitoring and Measures Package (MSD) as part of the program. The MMSP functions as a service contract and is a useful way to check that your heating system is working properly. If participants are successful in registering their MMSPs, they are paid for the additional fee per quarter.

For heat pumps, this quarterly payment is $57.50. An MMSP is not only required to pay separate payments, but generally meets the requirements when you are “metric to pay.” Additional meters should not be installed to calculate RHI`s quarterly payments. More information about system changes and how important they are to you in our program website change and in our fact sheet: Significant changes to the national RHI system.