Unrra Agreement

(b) to urge members of the United Nations that are not signatories to the UNRRA CONVENTION to accede to that organization and thus contribute to this important humanitarian mission. The following agreement, which is now provisionally in force, will be submitted to the General Assembly for ratification. This Agreement shall enter into force on the day of its approval by the Central Committee of UNRRA. The amounts to be transferred to the United Nations under Parts II and III of this Agreement as from 1 September 1948 shall be adjusted by deducting the amounts in force to be paid by UNRRA between 1 September 1948 and the date on which this Agreement is entrusted with the tasks entrusted to it under this Agreement; He spent. Where ICEF has ceased operations at the time when one of the transfers of assets provided for in this Agreement takes place or at the time of the maturation of those assets, those assets shall be transferred to other agencies or agencies that the UNRRA Central Committee may designate in advance or used in their favour. If the UNRRA Central Committee does not designate another agency or if the organization designated by the UNRRA Central Committee has ceased its activities, the Secretary-General of the Organization shall designate the Organization most likely to advance the objectives for which UNRRA receives contributions from its members. After consultation with the Advisory Committee on Administrative and Budgetary Questions and obtaining the agreement of the Committee, the Secretary-General and the Director-General of UNRRA signed the following agreement. UNRRA, the first post-war international organization, was an inter-allied and civilian mutual aid organization of an essentially technical nature. It supervised imports into the liberated countries and created reserves of industrial and consumer goods that were then transported to the reconstruction regions. In agreement with the Allied military authorities, UNRRA also assumed responsibility for the supply and repatriation of prisoners and persons deported to their countries of origin during the war. The UNRRA Regional Committee for Europe organized the shipment of clothing and food and provided financial assistance to countries where it was needed. .