International Framework Agreement (Ifa)

Dominique Michel: Most framework agreements cover the entire supply chain, even if the suppliers are not involved. Companies generally agree to inform all their subsidiaries, suppliers, contractors and subcontractors of the agreement. If it is established that a subsidiary or associated company does not comply with the overall agreement, the matter can be taken over with the multinational power plant, which is looking for solutions within the framework of the dialogue. Codes of Conduct Collective bargaining; Corporate social responsibility Decent work European collective agreements; European framework agreement; Labour standards Social dialogue transnational enterprise agreement. The ILO notes that the number of IFAs signed from year to year between 2000 and 2016 has increased and that 115 agreements were concluded in 2016. The European Commission has set up a database of transnational enterprise agreements, with IFA and EDF indicating that 10 additional IFAs have been concluded in 2017 and 8 in 2018. The IFA generally focuses on the metallurgical, construction, chemical, food and service sectors, and it is generally accepted that such negotiations are initiated by trade unions. Dominique Michel: As a recent development in the field of industrial relations, international framework agreements are an interesting topic for the ILO. The ILO Director-General attended the signing of some of them, such as Chiquita.

Several ILO departments (social dialogue sector, Institute of Labour Studies, employers` and workers` business offices and the programme of multinational enterprises) monitor and analyse these developments. The ILO`s tripartite declaration on multinational enterprises and social policy is a useful reference point for companies considering the content of these agreements. This statement contains recommendations on the desirable behaviour of companies in terms of employment, equal opportunities and treatment, qualifications, working conditions, occupational health and safety and labour relations. To access the system, go Dominique Michel: They do not replace direct negotiations between companies and workers at national or high level level, they simply provide a framework for these negotiations, which take place constructively and with a minimum floor.