Landlord Tenant Agreement In Nigeria

So if you finally find the place of your dreams, you need to be sure that your rights are protected, and that`s why we wrote this article to list some of the rights you have as tenants in Nigeria. The first step to protecting your rights as a tenant in Nigeria is to know your rights: a rental agreement also specifies who is responsible for certain damages and repairs. If a tenant causes damage that goes beyond normal wear and tear, the landlord can use the deposit to cover the costs. In addition, the owner should ensure that his leased property remains in an acceptable state of life. Most of the time, the tenant feels that the landlord owes him repairs in the house, which often causes disagreements. By law, the landlord has the right not to reimburse a tenant. Section 13 of the Lagos State rental right sets the duration of the termination in the absence of an agreement between the landlord and the tenant; One month for a monthly lease; 3 months notice for a semi-annual lease and 6 months notice for an annual lease. Every owner is in business and the goal is definitely to make a profit. A landlord may decide to increase the rent if he wishes.

Although he must be in agreement with the review clause. It is a guilty offence to refuse to issue a receipt for the rent paid and collected. It is your right as a tenant to obtain a receipt issued for payment of rent. If the payment is only part of a whole, it should also be received and indicated. A rental agreement is an agreement between a landlord (the owner of the property) and the tenant (the person who acquires the property for rent) and who sets the terms of the contract such as rent, use of the property, agreements between the two parties, termination conditions, etc. Any tenant, regardless of status or location in Nigeria, is entitled to an agreement. On the other hand, the conventions can be oral or written. However, it is recommended that agreements be reached between the two parties, so that a potential conflict is easy to manage and useful as references. A right to the “rent renewal clause” should be included in the tenancy agreement before both parties put the pen on paper. Once the tenant agrees and the terms are agreed – the time to apply for the extension of the tenancy and the type of application, the landlord is not responsible for extending a tenant`s rent. This is a good way for homeowners to reject a maverick. The rights of tenants may vary depending on the jurisdiction.

However, most tenants are entitled to a peaceful and serene enjoyment of the premises, including: a tenant cannot be evicted from his apartment unless the landlord strictly complies with the corresponding sanitation laws. A valid “notification” must contain the name of the landlord, the name of the tenant, the address of the property occupied by the tenant and the length of time indicated to the tenant. A rental agreement is widely used by owners who wish to sell their property for up to 3 years. The lease defines the terms agreed by both parties under a lease agreement.