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19. Contact us. If you have any questions or complaints about our online privacy policy, Please contact us by phone at 1-800-874-8822 (TFS), 1-800-874-7050 (LFS), 1-866-693-2332 (MFS), 1-800-228-8559 (TMIS) or 1-800-469-5214 (Toyota Credit of Puerto Rico Corp.). If you have an unresolved privacy or data usage issue that we have not satisfactorily resolved, please contact our U.S.-based dispute settlement provider at 16. THEIR CALIFORNIA DATA PROTECTION RIGHTS. This section applies to all California residents through whom we have collected personal data from any source, including through your use of our website, the purchase of our products or services, or electronic communication with us, in paper correspondence or in person. As a financial services company, TMCC applies privacy and security protection to your personal data, in accordance with U.S. federal law. As a result, certain personal data that we may collect and process about you to provide our financial products and services is excluded from the Consumer Protection Act (CCAC).

In order to support our commitment to consumer transparency and privacy for our valued customers, we provide you with details on the sources, uses and related details of personal data that we can process about you. However, please note that our decision to provide you with this information is done exclusively on a voluntary basis and does not indicate that TMCC does so because it is required to do so under the CCAC or any other legal obligation. TmCC therefore reserves the right to determine, at our sole discretion, the quantity and nature of the information we will provide to you in the future, or how to respond to the confidentiality requests you may provide to us. For the purposes of this section, “personal data” refers to information that identifies information to which it relates, is reasonably able or reasonably able to be directly or indirectly associated with a California consumer/resident or a specific household or that could reasonably be. Personal data does not contain information or information that has not been identified. A. What information do we collect? We can collect the following categories of personal data about you: (i) identifiers, such as . B real name and alias; Postal address Single individual identification Online identifiers as described below IP address Email address Phone number Account number, name and password Social Security number Driver`s licence number, passport number, government ID number or other government-issued ID number; Vehicle identification number or similar qualifiers; (ii) business information, such as registers. B personal property; Products or services purchased, purchased or considered Account balances, payment history or account activity; Bank account number, credit and debit card number and other information about your financial institution Credit applications, credit checks and information provided by credit institutions; or any other activity or trend to buy or consume; (iii) biometric information, including fingerprints; facial scans; Voice recognition information Genetic information and/or other similar biometric identifiers; (iv) information related to internet activities or other electronic network activities, including cookie ides, clear GIFs, browser type, ISP, reference/exit sites, operating system, time stamping, clickstream data, device platform, device version and other device features, including settings such as wi-fi, (v) geolocation data, including from your (s) mobile device (s) or (s) vehicle