Unt Consortium Agreement

The objective of a consortium agreement is to ensure the appropriate financial assistance is provided by the institution of origin. Home school is the school you`d expect to get. The host institution is the other school you will visit. For consortium agreements at MSU, the following provisions apply: Once you have completed the appointment, the Office of Financial Aid – Scholarships of the host institution faxes the notification form to be filled out with your registration information. Keep in mind that once the certification is complete, the consortium`s application is provided by the host institution for 2 to 3 weeks for the MSU`s financial assistance office to process the consortium application. Step 1: Fill out your student information and indicate the number of hours you are registered at each institution and indicate the host institution you will be participating in. NOTE: A consortium is only approved if the hours recorded by the MSU are greater or equal to the hours registered in the host-institution. HOWEVER, students at the MSU and an accredited university, in accordance with specific registration agreements (including, but not limited to the MSU Respiratory Care at Weatherford College and Collin College OR Radiology Program at North Central Texas College, Weatherford College, Tarrant County Community College and Brookhaven College or the RN-BSN Nursing Program at Tarrant County Community College or the VC2MSU Bridge Program) may receive financial support from MSU, regardless of the number of hours registered. The consortium agreements allow students to enrol in courses at another institution (also known as a host institution) transferable to their studies at the MSU. The consortium agreements allow a student to be registered simultaneously in both institutions, while receiving financial assistance from mSU on the basis of the combined registration of the two institutions. Please also indicate the registration period for which you are requesting the consortium. CHECK ONLY ONE ENROLLMENT PERIOD, as you must complete a separate consortium form for the EACH registration period, for which you apply for the consortium.

A student wishing to complete a consortium must print and complete the “consortium agreement” form according to the following indications (NOTE: incomplete forms are not accepted): 9. The student must last 2 to 3 weeks for the consortium application to be processed by the MSU grant office. Step 3: By appointment, your MSU academic advisor must complete/sign the consortium form to confirm that the course (s) applies to your MSU diploma. Consortium agreements are an option for students who are considering courses at another university, but who nevertheless intend to study at UNIVERSITY. It allows students to obtain financial assistance on the basis of enrolling more than one university. To see if you have the right to enter into a consortium contract, please make an appointment. If no consortium has yet been concluded in another fall or spring semester (you can only enter into a consortium agreement for one fall/spring semester) You can use a financial assistance refund to pay for the host institution, but if you are not reimbursed, you are still responsible for paying the other institution. 3. Students must meet the satisfactory academic progress of the MSU. (7) An unofficial transcript of the host institution (which can be printed on the host institution`s website) must be presented to the MSU grant office at the end of the semester; While awaiting receipt of the copy and the registration or payment of the aid, if necessary, a “hold” is included in the student`s notes/records and the registration/future payment of the aid is only unlocked after receipt of the unofficial academic copies of the host institution from the MSU financial aid office. You (the student) are responsible for paying all program fees at the host institution. The university does not send financial assistance directly to the host institute.