Halloween or ‘Samhain’ – Rebirth and Regeneration

Halloween, or ‘Samhain’, was considered by the Celtic people to be a major date in the year, where the veil between the spiritual and physical realms was at its thinnest. This date of 31st October was a time of recognition of the end of one cycle and the re-birth and growth of the next.

It is perhaps of significant interest then that 31st October 2013 is a date on which, astrologically, a great deal of activity is taking place, connecting to this important Celtic concept of re-birth and regeneration.

On this date, the two major planets of Pluto and Uranus form what is known as a “square”, or angle of 90 degrees, between one another.  Pluto will move to 9 degrees of Capricorn, whilst Uranus will move to 9 degrees of Aries.

Astrologically, Pluto is traditionally recognised as the planet that represents transformation, rebirth and regeneration, and is also strongly associated with the afterlife, being the astrological ruler of the sign of Scorpio. Uranus on the other hand is the planet most connected with innovation and invention, technology, rebellion, revolution and unexpected and sudden change. It is also correlates to humanitarian causes, individuality, freedom and idealism.

When two major planets such as these engage with one another, there are bound to be influences that affect us all to a lesser or greater degree.  To understand these influences astrologically, it is necessary to consider not only the planets concerned and their attributes, but also the astrological signs through which they are travelling at the time, as well as the way that their combined energies are likely to manifest.

Pluto travelling through the sign of Capricorn is likely to bring its transformative attributes to those spheres with which it is associated, such as business, government, organisations and other such structures. At the same time Uranus, travelling through the sign of Aries, is likely to bring unexpected change, revolution and technological advances to the Aries domain of direct leadership, pioneering new ideas, energy, impatience and aggressiveness.

Throw all of these energies into a melting pot and you have a recipe for much of what we have seen in our world over recent times – revolution, change and transformation of organisations, businesses and governments. We see society striving for greater freedoms and human rights against a backdrop of new technologies, that sometimes create dilemmas for our wider world. We have also witnessed pioneering breakthroughs in medicine that have created moral issues that challenge the status quo within society.

Given the above, it’s perhaps not surprising then that the exact square between Pluto and Uranus, taking place on 31st August 2013, is actually the fourth of a series of seven such squares. The first one was in June 2012, and the final one will take place in March 2015. However, as these planets are relatively slower in their movement across the heavens, the actual dates on which they form exact angles with one another tend to indicate actual turning points within a much greater process. There are likely to be events that take place on 31st October that will contribute to the greater manifestation of these combined powerful energies that seek to transform our world towards a new cycle. It is a time for each of us as individuals to consider what we have learned so far and how we can use that knowledge in a positive way for the future.

However, we all have a choice as to whether we utilise the positive or negative energies of Pluto and Uranus and all the other astrological planetary influences taking place around us.

The more negative aspects of the Pluto / Uranus squares can be seen internationally in situations such as Syria and Egypt, where the rebellious and revolutionary nature of Uranus and the transformative power of Pluto can become a dangerous and challenging force to the existing governmental structures, leading to conflagration, war, death and destruction.

But as we embrace the annual regeneration associated with Halloween or ‘Samhain’, we should not underestimate our own free will and power as a collective, to choose to embrace the higher, positive aspects of these planets – such as intuitiveness, inventiveness, positive transformation and deeper spirituality.

As the veil between the physical and the spiritual thins, we need to consider how we can each shift our own consciousness to the psychic and unconscious energy all around us, in order to achieve a greater understanding of why the world may unfold in the way that it does; recognising that from the death and ending of one cycle, is born the wonder and excitement of a new one.

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